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Committee Members

Chairman: Steven Ford

Vice Chair: Pauline Wallis

Treasurer & Diarist: Peter Parker

Pat Hirst

Sheila Adams

Marcus Byron

John Wallis

Haydon News Editor: Brian Alderson

Editorial Policy of the Haydon News

The editorial policy of The Haydon News is the responsibility of the committee of The Friends of Haydon Bridge, although day to day responsibility is delegated to the Editors. Our intention is always to ensure that the content of The Haydon News is as fair and factually correct as possible. Any complaints concerning editorial policy should be addressed to the Chairman of The Friends of Haydon Bridge by e-mail, and will be considered by and receive a formal response from the Committee of The Friends of Haydon Bridge. Complaints other than those made as described above will not be entertained.

The Editors reserve the right to decide which letters/articles are to be published, and to alter or shorten letters/articles when necessary. Anonymous letters/articles will not be published. A nom-de-plume may be used provided that the editors have been advised of the writer’s name and address.

Steven Ford (Chairman)

Contact E-Mail:-

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